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Thread: ForceField blocks Firefox 3.5.5

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    Default ForceField blocks Firefox 3.5.5

    I'm using ZA Extreme with Forcefield and had no problems running this setup on Firefox 3.5.4. But as soon as I upgraded to 3.5.5, Firefox won't launch.

    I've tried un-installing and re-installing Firefox 3.5.5 and it still didn't work. I tried starting Firefox in Safe Mode and no luck. The only way I could get Firefox to run was to turn off Forcefield.

    I didn't have this problem with Firefox 3.5.4, so there's something specific in Firefox 3.5.5 that Forcefield doesn't agree with...

    (WinXP SP3 / ZoneAlarm Extreme Security / Forcefield

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    Default Re: ForceField blocks Firefox 3.5.5


    please do not open multiple thread about the same problem. Continue here:


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