ZA Internet Security Suite 9.0.112

These was originally posted in the Windows 7 Technet forum:

If you look at the end of the thread you will see it has been verified as a ZA Firewall problem.

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Original post:

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

I have a small LAN using a workgroup. I have it defined in Windows 7 as a Work Network.

Every now and then Windows 7 is uable to see anything on the LAN. It still sees the router as I can access the internet.

When this happens if I attempt to access a mapped drive that is on another machine explorer grinds on and on but can't open the drive. Most of the time it will hang.

If I open a cmd window and try to change to the mapped drive it will hang and Task Manager cannot kill it.

Once Windows 7 losses its access to the LAN I cannot succesfully logoff.

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Post showing it is an AZ problem:

Any resolution to this issue? I had almost the exact same issue (but it was shares on my domain controller, not another workstation, and I had been using zonealarm 9.1x as my firewall, but other than that, everything esle the same (different hardware). I found I could reproduce the problem at will instead of waiting for something to timeout, by opening up the server computer management console (you can get the same on xp through the administrative tools control panel Computer Management ("%SystemRoot%\system32\compmgmt.msc")
or if you have your "my computer" icon on your desktop, right click manage), then find the shared folders +, then sessions, right click on the session to your win7 box, and select disconnect.
Had to uninstall zonealarm, I am hoping they fix it...

With windows firewall only, the problem does not happen

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Is this a known probem and if so is there any workaround other than uninstalling ZA?