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Thread: No internet zone with ZAES on 2nd PC

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    wouteric Guest

    Default No internet zone with ZAES on 2nd PC

    I bought a 3PC license for ZAES. I run ZAES v9.0.114 on my Vista PC: works fine.
    Today, I installed the same install file (ZASPSetup_90_114_000_en.exe) on my XP PC using the same license key as for my Vista PC. I again choose the standard install (not the advanced) and all went well, but after the restart of my XP PC, I had no Internet access anymore and I saw that ZAES didn't mention an Internet zone, only a Trusted zone.

    Any suggestions on how to connect my XP PC to the Internet?

    Thx for your suggestions.


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    warehouse Guest

    Default Re: No internet zone with ZAES on 2nd PC

    Go to; Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections
    then right click you device and enable it

    if that doesnt help you out, then
    go to; Run
    Enter 'CMD' (no quotes)
    enter 'ipconfig /release' (no quotes)
    enter 'ipconfig /renew' (no quotes)

    if that doesnt work, uninstall ZA
    if your connection works well now, then reinstall it
    if it still doesnt work, reply me

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