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Thread: [SOLVED] Uninstalled 70.483, lost network --> Reset the Winsock

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    revolvr Guest

    Default [SOLVED] Uninstalled 70.483, lost network --> Reset the Winsock

    Hi all,

    I was running ZA Antivirus 70.483 on Win XP, planning to upgrade. I uninstalled it according to instructions (go to add-remove programs). Upon reboot:

    * I have no network access at all. No Internet, no LAN and I cannot ping the router.
    * The start menu icons on the right are missing.

    I tried to run the uninstall cleaner, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

    I'm at a complete loss. What has happened and how can I debug this?

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    revolvr Guest

    Default Re: Uninstalled 70.483, lost network

    Problem resolved!

    Browsing around these forums, I found advice to try a Winsock XP repair program called "Winsock XP Fix". I ran this program and it resolved the problem.


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    Default Re: [SOLVED] Uninstalled 70.483, lost network --> Reset the Winsock

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post the solution, it will help other users in your siutation!

    I revised the thread title accordingly


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