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Thread: Keyboard characters go wrong after installing ZA Extreme Security

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    Thomas R Guest

    Unhappy Keyboard characters go wrong after installing ZA Extreme Security

    Since I upgraded from ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite to ZoneAlarm Extreme Security I have problems with my system:
    Some time after logging in, while typing, the characters typed start going wrong. I mean really wrong - not like it would be with a switched keyboard layout. Usually after deleting those wrong characters the problem goes away for a while.
    I observed this so far mostly in Outlook Express and Windows Life Mail, mostly due to the fact that I type in those the most.

    The real serious issue comes now: Everytime after the above happened and I send the computer into hibernation I can't log on to the system anymore. After the computer is restored from hibernation the login screen will not accept the password. It's nothing like caps look or any of the other obvious things. It seems like character to key association is messed up and the system reads something different from what I type.
    If the computer is then shut down and restarted the password is accepted.

    This issue occurred first under XP Professional (32 bit) and now also under Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

    When I shut down ZoneAlarm right after starting the computer this problem does not occur.

    Hardware: Dell M6300
    OS: Windows XP Pro (32bit) & Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:

    The same issue is also reported by others and also linked to ZoneAlarm:

    Any idea what is happening there?
    Is there a fix for this other than uninstalling ZoneAlarm?
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