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Thread: "Privacy" tab is gone. Update to 9.1

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    zafanq Guest

    Default "Privacy" tab is gone. Update to 9.1

    After updating to 9.1 from 8.04 several key features of ZA Internet Security Suite are completely missing.

    1. When I update from from the Overview Preferences screen the program updates AV/Spyware instead. Are we no longer able to choose between updating the program and updating the AV/Spyware definitions? I do NOT always want to be forced into a long and complete update.

    2. Under "Anti-virus / Spyware" the "Spyware" controls are COMPLETELY MISSING!!!! I am unable to:
    a. Customize the Spyware scan
    b. Do a quick download of just the spyware definitions
    c. Do a separate spyware scan, which is a whole lot faster than a complete AV/spyware scan.

    3. The "Privacy" tab is gone. WTF?!? I can no longer manage cookie control, ad blocking or mobile control code or do cache cleaning. This is important stuff. What Happened??? There are many websites and forums where this stuff has to be modified on the fly.

    Guys, these are MAJOR problems. I am not going to update any of my other PCs until this is resolved.
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