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Thread: Nero InCD 4 isn't compatible with ZA 2010?

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    Default Nero InCD 4 isn't compatible with ZA 2010?

    Installed ZA 2010 after downloading ZASuiteSetup_91_008_en.exe, followed prompt for restart. Computer restarts, and about 15 seconds after system login screen appears, it restarts again. This loop continues indefinitely. System restore and uninstalling ZA cures the restarts. Or I can go into Safe Mode and uninstall ZA. Multiple restarts, cold shutdowns don't help.

    After deleting ZA 2010, I reinstalled ZASuiteSetup_80_295_035_en.exe, no problem. Then downloaded and installed ZASuiteSetup_91_008_en.exe a second time, same result. Note that I cannot update this older version of ZA: it directs me to the troublesome download. So the net result of trying to update is I am left with 7-month-old virus protection.

    MSCONFIG - tried setting so ZAClient and the ZA toolbar were disabled, but the problem persisted.

    During restart, I sometimes get an error that Microsoft attributes to InCD 4, and a suggestion to update it at the Nero web site for $50.

    I have a 3-computer subscription. My son loaded ZASuiteSetup_91_008_en.exe without problem on a recent Vista laptop. ZA's 2010 simply doesn't work on XP Pro, at least this one (SP 3). I'm not about to try it on the other XP Pro.

    Any ideas? Or do I need to go somewhere else....
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