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Thread: Zonealarm blocking access after random time

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    I tend to leave Vuze (bittorrent client) running overnight. Often when I come down in the morning I'll find that all my internet access stopped at some time during the night. If I try shutting down any programs they won't close (I can still see them in the Processes list in Task Manager) until I also shut down Zonealarm, at which point their processes terminate quite quickly. Attempting to restart Zonealarm at this point results in a box appearing telling me that "Zonealarm is initializing". This box never disappears and so I inevitably end up restarting my PC.

    This is quite similar to a bug in Zonealarm I encountered about a year ago. The difference there is that I couldn't shut down or start any programs at all, including Zonealarm. At the time it looked like noone from Check Point was doing anything to fix the problem so I switched to a competing firewall software.

    Does anyone know of a solution that'll allow my PC to be keep downloading through the night without Zonealarm arbitrarily blocking all internet access?

    FYI: I've tried resetting Zonealarm by deleting all files in the C:\Windows\Internet Logs\ folder. I'm using the latest version of Zonealarm free (v8.0.298). My OS is Windows XP Pro (SP3).

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    ZA free is not the best for running emule or bittorrent type of software. Better to move to something else. Google for free firewall, there are many out there.
    ... and ZA is known to block randomly the net...


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