I tend to leave Vuze (bittorrent client) running overnight. Often when I come down in the morning I'll find that all my internet access stopped at some time during the night. If I try shutting down any programs they won't close (I can still see them in the Processes list in Task Manager) until I also shut down Zonealarm, at which point their processes terminate quite quickly. Attempting to restart Zonealarm at this point results in a box appearing telling me that "Zonealarm is initializing". This box never disappears and so I inevitably end up restarting my PC.

This is quite similar to a bug in Zonealarm I encountered about a year ago. The difference there is that I couldn't shut down or start any programs at all, including Zonealarm. At the time it looked like noone from Check Point was doing anything to fix the problem so I switched to a competing firewall software.

Does anyone know of a solution that'll allow my PC to be keep downloading through the night without Zonealarm arbitrarily blocking all internet access?

FYI: I've tried resetting Zonealarm by deleting all files in the C:\Windows\Internet Logs\ folder. I'm using the latest version of Zonealarm free (v8.0.298). My OS is Windows XP Pro (SP3).