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Thread: Can't Separate Spyware And Anti-virus Scans

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    RQuam Guest

    Default Can't Separate Spyware And Anti-virus Scans

    After installing, I can no longer see how to scan just for spyware. The program wants to scan anti-virus and spyware combined, which takes too long.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Unified Spyware And Anti-virus Scans in 9.0,9.1

    Beginning in series 9.0 > 9.1 the separate ZA anti-spyware had been removed; but in versions of: ZA Anti-Virus, ZA Suite, ZA Extreme <> the anti-virus will scan both anti-virus + anti-spyware = combined. So you will actually get updates from ZA anti-virus that include spyware/ adware/ riskware, etc. and will scan for them. One single tab for anti-virus+anti-spyware scanning.

    New unified anti-virus and anti-spyware engine:
    • Scans 80%-90% faster and combines anti-virus and anti-spyware into one scan
    • More advanced scan options- riskware, ADS, heuristic scanning, and more exception options
    Click here for ZA Suite Release and version changes/ upgrades >

    It is always advisable to list your OS (Vista/ XP), your zonealarm product and it's version number whenever posting here.
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    petrula Guest

    Default Re: Can't Separate Spyware And Anti-virus Scans

    I have a rather large C: drive because of the large application packages like the Adobe CS4 suites, Eclipse, and Microsoft packages. When the spyware and Anti-virus scans were separate, I could frequently run spyware. I would periodically run Anti-virus through the entire disk; however, this would take a long time to scan because of the large Program Files directory.

    Now I cannot run the spyware frequently which is a pain.

    ZA needs to have the spyware portion of the new scan complete first so then I can kill the remaining Anti-virus scan portion which takes a long time to run. Then I can do a complete scan every few days.

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    Default Re: Can't Separate Spyware And Anti-virus Scans

    there is no need to run spyware frequently if you keep your ZA always active and updated. All files and exceutables are checked anyway and active file checked with the lastet antivirus definitions. Version 9 also has a new scanning engine that will skip already scanned files. Usually the first time you scan it takes sometime while the nexts will be much faster. Also consider that if you want to scan new files of folders you just need to right click and use "Scan with ZoneAlarm antivirus".

    Finally, the next version (currently in beta) will have a specific fast scan mode that will only check in common malware locations. It is very fast, a matters of minutes.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Can't Separate Spyware And Anti-virus Scans

    petrula, if you feel a need to have quick daily spyware scan, please click here >

    I could suggest getting Malwarebytes - it has a 'perform a quick scan' which could take about -3+ minutes. SAS has a quick scan that could take 13-20+ [and has a longer update time if you have dial-up].
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