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Thread: question on google redirect virus

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    loggiesh Guest

    Default question on google redirect virus

    I use Zone alarm security suite version, which I recently updated. too.

    Before I updated to the most current version above, it picked up the below alert 100's of times saying it was quarantined. Not sure if this is the google redirect virus or not, but it does not show as an alert now, but the google redirect virus is still here, as I just tried it and I always get redirected to some bogus site. Please tell me how to fix this problem. One thing I saw said THE ONLY WAY TO DO THIS IS.... :
    Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.... Delete all automatically ticked items and then delete all those files.
    and that did not work either. Please help,

    thank you

    Packed.Win32.Krap.x was found in C:\WINDOWS\Temp\fqof.tmp

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Malware Clean-up Guide

    Click here > = this is the basic malware clean-up guide using ZA firewalls.

    Pay attention to 'disable system restore' - malware can come back if this is not disabled.
    Another Suggestion: clean up/ delete your temp files if you have a clean-up utility.

    I would recommend CCLeaner - click here >
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    poboy Guest

    Default Re: question on google redirect virus

    I followed directions for removal on many sites, downloaded and ran several anti spyware, antivirus apps in addtion to ZA (which did find malware) but the redirect kept happening. Since the redirection occured in IE and FF, it was obvious that this was system, not browser related problem. I checked the Hosts file and there it was- all sorts of entries placed there by virus, replaced with a new Hosts from and the problem was gone. Since virus was deleted, it has not recreated host file. A simple solution but it took hours to figure out.

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    Default Re: question on google redirect virus

    Always better to get malware expert support at, for example, BleepingComputer or SpywareHammer to be sure you are really clean.


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    Default Re: question on google redirect virus


    You can also protect your hosts file from future malware by having ZA lock the file from being changed.

    Only side affect is that a valid app that might need to make a change would not be able to.

    You can find the Hosts file lock option in ZA under:
    Firewall >> Main >> Advanced button
    General settings >> Check Lock Hosts file

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