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    Default Annoying Popup Won't Go Away

    Hi, after a few weeks of installing the free version of Zone Alarm I get a Zone Alarm dialog box popup in the middle of the screen when my Vista x64 starts up asking me if I want to upgrade. I press "No Thanks" and continue.

    Now that's okay I would expect that to happen once or twice because the company has to survive. But what really bugs me is that absolutely everytime Windows starts up now I get that same message.

    I think it's a bug because I have seen the same message on another computer, but this time it doesn't appear again once you select "No Thanks".

    That other computer was Vista x32 so I'm wondering if it's a problem when running on Vista Ultimate x64.

    This is so frustrating that I am thinking of going back to *Bleep*, which is a shame because I think Zone Alarms is a much better product.

    Does anyone have an alternative solution besides going back to *Bleep*?

    I am running Zone Alarms version

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