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Thread: Zonealarm prevents wireless access.

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    adjgrey Guest

    Default Zonealarm prevents wireless access.

    Help! All of a sudden with my laptop I can't wirelessly print to my desktop without shutting off ZA. Any help


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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm prevents wireless access.

    Please provide the name of your ZA product and version, operating system, and a description of your network. i.e., if there are any peripherals like routers/switches; what level settings for internet zone and trusted zone, and what zone you have items of your network in? I guess your network consists of a laptop, a desktop, and a printer?

    Also describe your printer setup: When you say you "can't print to my desktop?" are you implying your printer is connected to the desktop's USB port and you normally go thru the desktop to print, rather than the printer being networked via ethernet cable or complete wireless? What kind of printer ( is it HP?) and approx. how old is it? Are you getting any kind of ZA alert or Windows error message when you try to print?

    Did you recently upgrade to a new ZA version or operating system or make any changes in ZA's Program Control settings, or desktop/laptop/printer settings?

    These questions should help people to make you some suggestions.
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