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Thread: On-demand scan shows zero files scanned

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    Default On-demand scan shows zero files scanned

    Using ZAES 9.1.008 with Win XP. If I do an on-demand antivirus scan of a folder with a small number of files, say 4-10 files, ZA acts like it scanning and then says "Scan complete. No infections were found." However it also shows "Files scanned--0." This doesn't provide much comfort since it's not possible to tell if ZA really did its job. This also happens if I scan a single file--it will say "no infection" and also "Files scanned--0" unless it is a large file say about 15-20 MB, in which case it is counted. But if I scan a file or folder with only about 3-10 MB in it, or less, I get the 0 files report. The large files take longer to scan and perhaps that is why they are counted; the shorter files take less than a second or two, and are not counted. Is this a phenomenon that others have noticed?
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