I too struggled with this "ExtBlockAll2" entry and/or the "cannot connect to the server" errors when trying to get my ZA update dats....... quite by accident I was finally able to figure out where it comes from.......

I don't use IE as my browser so seldom open it - if I had I would have found the problem faster. The "ExtBlockAll2" and the "cannot connect to the server" errors go away if you:

[This is assuming you have a broadband connection]

* Open Internet Explorer
* Click on Tools
* Click on Internet Options
* Click on Connections
* Click on LAN Settings
* UNCHECK: "Use a proxy server ..."
* CHECK: "Automatically detect settings ..."
* Click OK
* Click OK Again

This took care of my difficulties updating ZA as well as my difficulties updating malwarebytes. Hope it will help others too.

My setup:
Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad T61 - 2.0GHz 4GB (3gb usable) 200GB HD Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU - 7200RPM 15.4" WSXGA+
Microsoft Windows XP Professional - Service Pack 3 - Build Number 2600
Foxfire 3.5.7 -- [IE 8 if you need that - "I" don't use it - but it's there]

Zone Alarm Security Suite version
TrueVector Security Engine version
Driver Version
Zone Alarm Browser Security1.5.53.4
AntiSpam Version
Antivirus & Anti-Spyware engine version DAT file version 1010453504