I bought ZoneAlarm's Security Suite about 3 weeks ago, and downloaded it onto 2 of my computers. Everything was fine until two days ago, when one of my computers began having serious problems. The symptoms: a huge amount of pop-ups that say, "Spyware Alert", "Infiltration Alert", etc, along with security warnings (supposedly from my Windows Security). These pop-ups have buttons to click---choices, such as: "Activate Antivirus System Pro", and "Stay unprotected"; or "Do you want to block this attack, yes or no". I had ZoneAlarm do a full scan; the result was that there was supposedly a trojan, and ZoneAlarm quarantined it. According to the scan results, there is no threat to my computer, and I am fully protected. But the pop-ups say otherwise. There is more: I cannot access any of my documents; the pop-up window says the various .exe files that should allow me to open the documents are infected. When I went into my Windows Security to try to figure out the problem, I got a pop-up that told me I needed to increase my security---by paying for addtional software from CheckPoint. This tells me that CheckPoint itself has infiltrated my computer and taken it hostage. To add insult to injury, every time I try to go online, porn and Viagra websites take over the screen. I filled out the tech support form and got an email back saying that I'm in a queue for support, but will have to wait several business days, depending on the volume of problems they're dealing with. I don't want to believe that I paid for a product that has now ruined my computer, but all of these things are very suspicious. Can anyone help with this problem? I'm at my wits' end!