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Thread: How to close port 135 ?

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    TheWall92 Guest

    Default How to close port 135 ?


    I'm using Windows XP SP3 and ZA Pro 9.1.008.

    When i test my firewall they told me that my port 135 is open and that i have to close it quickly.

    A week before, I was with ZA 8 and everything was OK.

    Can you help me ?

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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: How to close port 135 ?

    I don't know that I can help you. But to save you some time, people are going to want to know these things:

    1) Do you have a router?
    2) How'd you do the "firewall test"? It *might* have measured your router rather than your ZoneAlarm.
    3) Do you have your network in the Internet or Trusted zone? And what setting level do you have for the Internet and Trusted Zones?
    4) Are there other computers/peripherals on your network that share resources?
    5) Do you have any programs in the Program Control list with a checkmark in the Internet Server column? (normally you shouldn't; this is dangerous)

    I think Generic Service Host may use Port 135, but I'm not qualified to discuss that, so I'll defer and let someone else explain it.
    In addition, I'm not sure about this (and hopefully others will know), but don't some ISP's block Port 135 systemwide on their end by default? Not sure which ISP's.
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    TheWall92 Guest

    Default Re: How to close port 135 ?

    1) I use the Box of my internet provider (FREE in France).
    2) The test is on my IP adress and not on the router.
    3) Internet Zone and High.
    4) No, only my PC.
    5) No, only Firefox.

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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: How to close port 135 ?

    We'll have to wait for others to chime in, but Firefox normally only needs checkmarks in the Trusted Access and Trusted Internet columns. It shouldn't need any server checkmarks at all, especially not in Server Internet. If you indeed have a checkmark in Server Internet for Firefox, that is one thing I'd change to either an X or a ?.

    What program or website did you use to test the firewall? Does your "internet box" include a router/gateway in conjunction with a modem? Describe the steps you took to test the firewall. Thanks.

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    TheWall92 Guest

    Default Re: How to close port 135 ?

    I found the solutions !!!

    For "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services", i block "trusted" and "internet" in the Server colum.

    Everything is "Stealth" now in GRC Test.

    Many thanks.

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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: How to close port 135 ?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWall92 View Post
    I found the solutions !!!

    For "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services", i block "trusted" and "internet" in the Server colum.

    Everything is "Stealth" now in GRC Test.

    Many thanks.

    Generic Host Process for Win32 Services / svchost.exe

    This is a System file :

    SmartDefense / System
    Trust Level / Three Green Bars /Super
    Access / Green Check Mark for Trusted / Internet
    Server / Green Check Mark for Trusted Server / Red X for Internet Server
    Send Mail / Blue ?

    Router already configured to Stealth.Disconnected router and direct to modem.I checked at this site :

    ShieldsUp / Common Ports / PASSED

    Port 135 / dcom-scm

    NOTE: Some of these servers may use your Services and Controller App
    (services.exe, or svchost.exe). You should see these applications as
    blocked in your alerts log. In these cases, you will need to give these
    applications access or server rights from the Programs panel. The most
    secure way to do this:

    - Add the server's IP address to your Trusted Zone. You can find this out
    from the window in ALERTS & LOGS -> LOG VIEWER, or from the logs
    themselves (ZAlogs.txt), and can be verified through your ISP.
    - In the PROGRAM CONTROL -> PROGRAMS window, LEFT-click under the
    TRUSTED column of the program, then click ALLOW
    - Follow the same procedures to BLOCK the Internet column of the
    program (so that a red X appears).

    As long as you do not have Block Local Servers checked, this should be
    sufficient. You may need to do this for other applications that use Services
    and Controller App -- just add the IP address of the server you are using
    for that application.

    Hope this helps.

    Have a nice Day

    XP SP3
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:997072320
    AntiSpam version:
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