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Thread: Upgrade install gets GLBBB14.tmp has stopped working error

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    jrcooperjr Guest

    Default Upgrade install gets GLBBB14.tmp has stopped working error

    Hi.. I've had ZA on my Windows Vista Ultimate (SP2) system for a while... I downloaded the 9.1 upgrade and was trying to install it over my version 8x.
    I initially received the "corrupt system settings" message as reported in another thread, and decided to go ahead and bite the bullet to allow the default settings to be used..
    Anyway, I went through the steps ... unchecking the box to install a link on the desktop and unchecking the install browser toolbar line.... after verifying my name and accepting the license, the installer would start (showing the progress bar), but very quickly I would get a Windows error message... I tried several times and each time the error message referred to a different program... I received messages like "GLBD99D.tmp" has stopped working, or what was shown in the message header "GLBBB14.tmp" has stopped working.."GLB1FA1.tmp" has stopped working...

    Any ideas?

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    jrcooperjr Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade install gets GLBBB14.tmp has stopped working error

    Just more information... I re-downloaded the 9.1 install and am still getting the same problem with the new install.... also, the install got far enough along so that it removed my previous copy of ZA... ..oh, it's a 32-bit Vista system.

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