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    shotei Guest

    Default forcefield

    I have ZA suite with XP pro sp3. I just updated to 9.1 and now forcefield.exe is loaded according to task manager. I don't have FF. It uses a lot of memory.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Forcefield toolbar=Advanced Download Protection=Anti-phish & SiteStatus toolbar

    Beginning in 9.0>9.1 series of the premium line of ZA firewalls - there is a new browser security feature which uses a similar design of the original ForceField toolbar - *limited*(without the Virtualization/ Keylogger / screengrabber jamming module [of ZA Extreme]) = which is the 'Advanced Download Protection' / 'Anti-phishing and Site Status' toolbar feature. So there are a few 'forcefield' files inside the ZA premium line of firewalls.

    New Browser Security:
    • Advanced Download Protection:
      • Detects the latest zero-day threats in downloads that you initiate–before they reach your computer
      • Includes heuristic analysis and program check
      • Can run and analyze download behavior in a virtual environment if necessary
    Click here >
    __________________________________________________ _________
    shotei, if you download new software - you should see a 'dialogue box' from ZA= this is the "limited" forcefield toolbar/ aka Advanced Download Protection at work. (~similar to a 'download manager')

    You may want to do a 'search' of "forcefield /toolbar" of recent weeks to see past posts/ issues.
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