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Thread: [SOLVED] Always same network found as "New" network

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    Default [SOLVED] Always same network found as "New" network

    since I updated to ZAP I get the same dialog box on system start-up telling me that ZA found a new network and asking me to allow it to trusted or internet zone. The IP shown is always the same. Its /, which is the network of my router. The Router is connected via wireless to my computer (XPSP3). The router is set to DHCP, but as my PC is the only PC in the network I always get as my IP address.
    I assign this "new" network to the trusted zone (I leave the default name). On next system start (or connection repair) I get the same message again.

    Why does ZA not remember my setting next time? How come it thinks this is a new network?

    I did a clean install several times - no change.

    I tried to configure automatic assignment to trusted as well as internet zone (firewall-main-advanced) but regardless of my settings it is always asking me.

    Once I have assigned the network, everything runs fine. Only on then next system start I get the same question again.

    Anybody an idea?
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