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Thread: [SOLVED] Updating to Security Suite 9.1.008 fails

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    ladylynn Guest

    Unhappy [SOLVED] Updating to Security Suite 9.1.008 fails

    I'm running Windows XP on my laptop computer, and have been running Zone Alarm Security Suite for quite some time. I finally got around to downloading the latest update (9.1.8?) and started installing (I think I had vers 8 on there before). I started the install, verified where the file was to install, verified my name and e-mail addy, agreed with the TOS, and the install started. Just a few seconds after it started running, I got an error message telling me it encountered a problem and needed to shut down, then asked if I'd like to report the incident to Microsoft. I don't have the exact message as I'm posting from a different computer. I can probably get it if you need it.

    My computer had already warned me that Zone Alarm had shut down and my computer was vulnerable, so I tried to restart the Zone Alarm I already had installed. Apparently the update had gotten far enough to where my computer could no longer find Zone Alarm files.

    I did a search, found a thread where somebody had a similar problem. They were told to do a full uninstall. I followed the directions, which included restarting my computer in safe mode, deleting the Zone Alarm folders in both the Program Files and Sys32, deleting individual files in Sys32, and removing registry keys. I did all that, restarted, tried again to install, and got the same error message. So I tried installing the free version of Zone Alarm and got the same error message.

    I'm at a loss. I don't like the idea of leaving my laptop unprotected, so I am loathe to even turn it on. I'm posting this from our home desktop computer. What do I need to do to get my laptop computer protected and usable again?

    I'm sure there's info you need that I've left out of this message. Please feel free to let me know what you need to know. I thank you in advance for your assistance.
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    ladylynn Guest

    Default Re: Updating to Security Suite 9.1.008 fails

    Please disregard my previous post.

    I continued to play, found a link to cpes_clean.exe, downloaded and executed it. I was finally able to update my installation without errors.

    Thanks, anyway.

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