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Thread: Extreme install on XP 32 bit

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    Bigguy2918 Guest

    Default Extreme install on XP 32 bit

    I recently renewed my ZA Internet Security Suite license (3 pc’s) and upgraded to
    Extreme Internet Security Suite (three pc’s).I downloaded the file, ZASPSetup_91_008_000_en.exe,
    and it seems to install ok. After reboot I can double click the ZA icon in System Tray
    and the ZA window opens and everything looks OK.
    I can click on the Start Menu and see all programs for selection.
    However, the first time I click on a program the system goes busy and will not respond
    to any other action. Not even Crtl+Alt+Del. The only option is to reset/reboot. It makes no different as to
    which program I select first.
    After visiting the ZA forum, I downloaded the ZA removal tool, ccleaner and AppRemover tool
    and ran them in that order. Reinstalled ZA and have the same results.
    I have three machines all using Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 64 bit Motherboard and the Intel I7 processors.
    Two machines have Windows XP Professional 32 bit and one with Windows 7 64 bit. It’s the two machines with
    Windows XP Professional 32 bit that I am unable to get ZA Extreme to work.
    Both act the same way as described above.
    At first, I had the same problem when installing on the Windows 7 system but after sometime I managed
    to get it to work. I think it worked after uninstalling the Gigabyte Raid drivers.
    Since I don’t use Raid I went back to the two XP machines and made sure these drivers were uninstalled.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled as above. Still have no JOY.
    The Previous version of ZA Internet Security Suite (80-298-035-en.exe) worked fine on the two XP machine.
    Any help is appreciated. Thank you…Dave

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    MichaelV Guest

    Default Re: Extreme install on XP 32 bit

    I have exactly the same problem with my Win XP 32 bit system. I7 cpu, Intel DX58SO motherboard. Had to boot in safe mode to uninstall since selecting anything including uninstall from the ZoneAlarm program group causes the computer to freeze.

    Internet Security Suite (91_008_000) works fine. Extreme Security worked fine on a different XP 32 bit computer that is part of the 3 license deal. Also worked fine on a trial run of Win 7 64 that I decided not to use on this computer then went back to XP OS that I'm having the trouble with now. Same hardware, different OS.

    Looking forward to a solution or I'll need to switch the license key purchase to Internet Security Suite.

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    Bigguy2918 Guest

    Default Re: Extreme install on XP 32 bit

    Since my post I have tried many things to get ZA Extreme to work.
    On one Xp machine I did a complete clean install of WindowsXP SP3 32 bit.
    After the OS was installed, the only driver that I installed was the
    Intel chipset inf file from the Motherboard drivers CD. I then installed
    ZA Extreme and had the same results.
    I have come to the conclusion that ZA Extreme is not Compatible with XP 32 bit
    on my Motherboard/BIOS/hardware.
    I contacted ZA and had my license rolled back to ZA Internet Security Suite (91_008_000)
    and now every thing is working fine on all three machines.

    MichaelV…Thanks for your reply. Since no one else replied to this post
    I guess you and I are the only one having this problem.

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