Hello, and thanks for the great ZoneAlarm Home Free! It is the only firewall I have ever used, and am very happy with it.

I like to keep my hard drive uncluttered by removing unnecessary files. I discovered that ZA Free includes many files related to the complete Suite. Presumably this is a convenience should the user choose to upgrade later, although it seems an unnecessary use of your bandwidth for those downloading the basic version.

I've compiled a guide to removing such unnecessary files on Windows XP, without in any way harming the functions of the firewall. Only the unused AV, mail scan, anti-spyware, etc. are deleted. The savings in disk space can range from ~ 100 MB to 1 GB or more, especially considering the increased size of System Restore points.

Before I post the link here, I'd like to be a good neighbor and ask the Admins if this is acceptable. (The Guide contains explicit disclaimers that it is not in any way endorsed or approved by ZoneLabs or Checkpoint, and that users must use it at their own risk only. Also, extensive advice to make multiple backups of *everything* before starting.)

If it is not acceptable, then I would rather know now than to have a post deleted for violating the rules. If this is acceptable, with the disclaimers above, then I'll post the link.

In either case, thanks again for an effective, user-friendly home firewall that is *now* also very lightweight -- about 13 - 15 MB *total* (program files, system32 files and folders, Windows\Internet Logs -- *everything*).

Hope everyone has a great week!