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Thread: Do I Need to Scan USB Backup Drive?

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    btreloar Guest

    Question Do I Need to Scan USB Backup Drive?

    I have a USB external drive that I use only for disk image and file backups. I notice by default that the Virus/Malware scan is checking that drive as well as my internal hard drive.

    Is that necessary? Is it safe for me to turn off scanning on my backup drive? Or is that drive susceptible to viruses and spyware too?

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Do I Need to Scan USB Backup Drive?

    If the backup drive is normally disconnected and if you backup or image a clean state of the computer then I feel there's no point wasting hours scanning the backups. I assume you have the on-access scan going on continuously. Others may disagree, so wait for few more answers.

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    samlar Guest

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    I agree I have the floppy and removable driives al x out. Which should be safe unless you get one from someone else who could have a virus on it.

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    Sky Soldiers Guest

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    Any USB based storage medium is vulnerable.This includes external hard drives, an infected computer will usually begin infecting your USB drive as soon as you plug it in.Using a fully up-to-date anti-virus program, do a full scan of your computer. Have the anti-virus program fix any problems it finds before transferring to any external drive.

    Click Advanced Options / Scan Targets and click Help in the same panel to read all relevant information.One more thing.Default settings in Advanced Options / Scan Targets should be Scan boot sectors for all local drives and Scan system memory enable.So it shouldn't be scanning your USB external drive.

    Using Iomega 500GB USB 2.0 external with on / off switch and the drive is partition.One partition for Acronis full backup.The other for data.Off all the time.On only when doing backups or transferring data.

    Never scan Acronis full backup because it uses .tib file extension.I have scan data partition.But have to disable the other drives and disable Scan system memory to scan just that one drive.I sometimes just go to my computer and select what ever drive, folder, or file and right click Scan with ZoneAlarm Anti-virus.

    Have a nice Day
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