I could really use some expert help on this one, and would also like to know if anyone else is having similar issues.

I am running an Intel Core 2 6400 @ 2.13 Ghz, with 2 gb ram, WinXP Pro (sp3), IE8, Zone Alarm Extreme Security, Largesoft software that came with the ZA purchase: Password Manager and PC Tuneup. (among host of other software).

Since installing ZAES and the Largesoft programs, I have had nothing but trouble (NEVER any issues with previous ZA Security Suite).

Files that had been on my computer for more than 3 years, suddenly came up as (backdoor.win32.generic) virus. About 2 weeks after that incindent, i realized virus defs hadn't updated since installing the ZAES (ver 8.???) and I actually was infected by both (backdoor.win32.sinowal and backdoor.win32.mebroot) among other lesser viruses.

My PC has slowed to a slug's crawl (on salt) and each time PWD MGR offers "advice" on processes running, my internet browser window crashes and most often then closes it's self after restarting. This is total restart of (IE, MSN, Firefox) 3 times after each incident; which happens 10 - 15 times per day.

Also, I can't get connected to internet inside 5 minutes anymore, and most programs will freeze my machine within 5-10 minutes, then it's a reboot.

I have taken suggested steps with virus removal; MBAM, A2, trojan hunter, superantispyware (Pro)... added in bit defender and CrapCleaner among others. I have now come up clean with EVERY program I scan with, uninstalled all extras and still am crashing constantly and getting the same errors with Largesoft software.

Windows, IE, Firefox, MSN, ZoneAlarm, all other "virus" software is / was fully updated with all the latest virus defs (after a lot of work).

I am at a loss, and PC support is my business! I am not as up on virus removal, so I am hoping this is either known issues between ZA and Largesoft, or something with the virus removal that I simply missed.

Please Help!