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Thread: Malware issues - Hijack

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    Unhappy Malware issues - Hijack

    Earlier this week whilst surfing on my desktop for dect phone customer reviews I got stung by the mother of a trojan which propagated itself so fast. It sailed straight through ZASS as if it wasn't there.

    It took a while but managed to set ZASS for deep scan and reboot into Safe Mode. After hours of scanning all that was found was trojan.js.redirector.l in the temp internet files folder. The was removed but the problems remained. Re-run the scan without finding anything else.

    So managed to update & run the FREE Malwarebytes' Antimalware which found a number of instances of: -

    What is the point of paying for ZASS when it didn't stop the trojan and didn't detect it afterwards especially when some freeware had to do the job for you ??!!

    Now I'm left with a desktop I'll probably reinstall and protected by ZASS which I'm not sure I trust anymore.

    My deskop was running the following: -
    -ZASS 9.1.008
    -XP SP3 (with all the latest updates applied)
    -Malwarebytes' Antomalware 1.41

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    please follow ALL steps detailed here for cleaning your system:

    No tools can cover 100% of malware out there, good knowledge of the security tool you use, keep your system and software up to date and common sense can help you keeping you out of problems.

    Try to reduce the time for AV updates to 30 minutes. Keep program control set to MAX, always double check messages from ZA and do not allow anything if you are not sure. Lock your hosts file. Upgrade to Extreme to isolate your browser with forcefield.


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    Default Re: Malware issues - Hijack

    That link isn't working

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    Default Re: Malware issues - Hijack

    Quote Originally Posted by Osb272646 View Post
    That link isn't working

    Sorry, You are Responding to a Post that Existed on another Forum Software Format from WAY back in November 2009..

    It is Best that you Start a New Thrend specifically for your Own Problem..

    You Only get "REPLY" option In Read Mode,

    Click "Malware Discussion" to get out of Read Mode and Click "New Thrend" to enter your New personal Request for Help..
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