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I stand corrected on the spyware engine.

Stick a fork in me. I'm done... never to return. You can have the last word at your discretion.
How is ZoneAlarm Ver. 9 Protecting my Computer?
all ZoneAlarm Version 9 products with antivirus also provide additional protection against new viruses:
  • OSFirewall identifies malicious behavior to stop viruses from doing any harm
  • Heuristic virus detection identifies viruses even if they are unknown, not on a signature list
  • Advanced Download Protection prevents accidental installation of viruses
  • Browser Security blocks dangerous web sites that distribute viruses
  • Existing extensive signature database protects against known viruses
  • Anti-spam blocks dangerous emails with dangerous links and attachments with viruses (not in ZoneAlarm Antivirus)
  • Browser Virtualization blocks invisible "drive-by" downloads of viruses (only in ZoneAlarm Extreme Security)