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    Default Hard Drive Encryption Process...

    ZA says it's okay to user your computer like normal while the hard drive is being encrypted. Is it okay to install software during the encryption process?

    Also, how do I get the encryption off the machine and onto another? I'm about to buy a new laptop...

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    Yes when we say you can use your computer while it encrypting means using your computer how ever you normally do that.

    Just NEVER run a program that changes the partition. If you do you will break the encryption and you will loose all your data. No recovery from that.

    You don't move encryption from one machine to another.
    You are licensed to install extreme and encryption on 3 computers if you like.

    There is an option in Extreme to Decrypt the entire drive.

    You can back up files to an external hard drive and take it to another computer if you want. We don't encrypt external drives.

    This product only will install on a laptop also.

    Hope that answers your questions

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    Default Re: Hard Drive Encryption Process...

    Thank you...
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