Today I updated using zaSuiteSetup_91_008_000_en.exe. I immediately discovered that one of my Java programs would no longer run.

The problem turned out to be that ISWSHEX.dll was fragmenting the address space of every process by installing itself at 20c20000, thus leaving only about 1.3 GB of contiguous address space instead of the normal 2 GB. This limits the Java maximum heap size to around 1 GB instead of 1.6 GB as usual.

Un-installing the ZoneAlarm Toolbar solved this problem.

This is on Windows XP, SP 3. I was previously running with an install from zaSuiteSetup_80_298_035_en.exe, plus whatever updates were automatically downloaded. If a Toolbar was available in 8.0, I did not have it installed.

It seems bad form for any DLL to put itself into the middle of address space. This will cause problems for numerous applications.

Is there a better way to report this problem than here in the forums?