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Thread: Automatic AV scan and updates

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    Default Automatic AV scan and updates

    I have a Dell Dimension 4600 using Windows XP Pro
    ZASS update to v. overwritten to previous v. 80.298.035 successfully on 11.05.2009.
    However, with my scan schedules set to automatic including updates, this is not now happening and I have to do these updates/scans manually.
    I do have Malawarebytes on my desktop that I recently added. Could this be causing a conflict? I had added it before downloading recent ZASS update and there was no conflict with the previous ZASS version.
    Under Program Control, Programs, Smart defence is set to Auto but the trusted and Internet box under Access and Server have question marks (?) and not ticks. Is this correct?

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    Default Re: Automatic AV scan and updates


    Sounds like possibly a problem with your database files.

    I would suggest that you reset the database. You will loose all setting doing this.

    Hold down the Ctrl+Shift Keys on your key board and then Right click the Z icon in the system tray on your PC.

    Then click the Reset option to reset.

    Since all setting are removed check the following.

    Open ZA
    Goto program Control >> Main
    Program control should be set to Auto
    SmartDefense Advisor set to Auto

    Automatic Lock to Off.

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