I don't know where to post this at, so I will just post in off topic.

I play a game called Gunbound, and as of today it wont let me on to play. I'm almost positive its due to the 2010 update(Because yesterday when I had 2009 I played perfectly fine, and now today 2010...I cant seem to play at all). So I uninstalled ZA and tried playing the game, and it worked perfectly fine. But I would rather not play the game if it comes down to not having ZA so I just had to reinstall it.

The games Security is nProtect Game Guard and when I try to start up the game I get the following: GameGuard Error: 114 Failed to initialize GameMon.
If anyone knows any possible way to avoid this, or know if this will most likely be fixed in the future I'd gladly appriciate it.