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    Default Google Redirect Virus

    I think a virus has shut down my Zone Alarm Security Suite version

    Approximately 1 month ago my Windows XP Professional-run desktop computer began exhibiting behavior that I later identified as the Google redirect virus (based on what I've been reading, anyway). When I try to go to my home page I get a Google page instead, although subsequent attempts to access my home page are usually successful. Also, whenever I do a Google search I get redirected to some bogus-looking search pages after a delay of a couple of seconds.

    The only steps I've taken to correct this so far are these: On someone's recommendation, I downloaded some program called ~~~~ thinking it was free shareware. After disabling ZoneAlarm on my system, I ran a scan using ~~~~ which found 55 infections on my computer but then required me to pay for the program in order to remove the infections. I declined, exited the program and removed it from my computer. Then I ran a ZoneAlarm scan which found two viruses and quarentined them. But then ZoneAlarm mysteriously stopped running properly. When I go to the ZASS main page it tells me my anti-virus and firewall aren't set properly. But when I click on the "Fix-it" icons (or anything else on that main page) nothing happens.

    That's all I've done, so far.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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