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Thread: New Suspicious Web Site Warnings

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    Exclamation New Suspicious Web Site Warnings

    The newest version of ZA Internet Suite gives alerts in a yellow banner that pops into the top of the browser, "This website is suspicious, leave now ....". The rest of the alert has a list of why there's a warning, it says no to all the serious reasons and just says the warning is because the site is on a spam blocker list somewhere. Then it advises you to buy another Checkpoint product (Get Immunity from malicious sites ...). I want to turn these warnings off, they are new and not helpful. It's a significant enough problem to leave Zone Alarm. How do I turn off this feature? Not going to the web sites is not a good answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlfoerster View Post
    Not going to the web sites is not a good answer.
    Mind to post a minimal information on the ZA product you use. Otherwise other users here will just shoot in the dark.
    Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> About --> Copy to clipboard --> paste it here as reply.

    Note that with a valid license you can contact, free of charge, the ZA technical support at the link in my signature.


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