Im using zone alarm on one of my pc's which has windows 7 home premium 64bit. i noticed that whenver i start the computer, the zone alarm fire wall just stops working according to windows. it comes up with its little action center icon saying that neither the windows firewall or the zone alarm firewall is on. the only way to get rid of the message is to go into zone alarm and turn down the firewall slider to off, and then back up again to max.

there is also an option to turn on zone alarm from within a windows pop up that comes up through the action center, but that doesnt work. so does any one else have this problem, and is there any way to make sure the fire wall stays active. its annoying because it sort of feels like the windows 7 support just really isnt there yet. by the way im using the latest version of zone alarm extreme security with all the updates, and windows 7 64 bit also fully updated. cheers.