It was possible to control each site, to deny or allow any feature of any site one by one, block private readers, refferers, popups, ads, images, flash stuff, scripting and more for one site and allow them for others, like youtube.

1.) there are no plans for Restoring the Privacy feature..

Note: To streamline in an age where web privacy controls are built into the most popular browsers and email attachment scanning is included in the major email applications, privacy controls and inbound MailSafe have been removed with this release.
Ok, how so? how can i allow some sites to do something and others to not on firefox or internet explorer? How do i block javascript, "advanced" popups, flash ads and still watch a video or listen to a song on youtube?

ZoneAlarm Security Suite version: and ForceField Version (standalone) using Firefox/3.0.15.

I use the following Add-ons without any issues :

Adblock Plus 1.1.1
BetterPrivacy 1.29
ForceField Toolbar (standalone)

Have been using ZASS since Sept 26 2004 5.1 Branch according to old account history.IMHO my current browser and Add-ons setup is far more superior then using old ZASS Privacy settings.
"there is no privacy settings anymore, but there is no need, i have several plugins and high level of expertise to replace it", no offense, but how stupid is that?
Dont tell me to download a plugin for each feature i want disabled so that when i want to use said features i have to disable that/those plugins!

There is a way to have zonealarm 8.0 with only privacy settings on and zonealarm 9.0 with the other zonealarm features on running at the same time? Zonealarm 8.0`s privacy settings is far from outdated, it is a tool to control it all with one time only click.