Sys Info first; OS Win XP Pro 2002 SP3
Pentium 4 CPU 2.4 Ghz 2GB RAM
Netgear WG311 Wireless Adapter and TrendNet wireless PCI Card.
In a desktop configuration

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Vers
TrueVector security engine Vers
Driver Version
Anti-Virus/Anti-spyware engine version, DAT file version 998074176

Connect to AT&T DSL Network (2Wire Wireless Modem/Router) with a Netgear 802T wireless access point.

I originally used Norton Internet Security 2002, and after doing clean installs every 6 mos I switched to McAfee which worked well untill they required me to purchase the newer version (2009 where I did not like the user interface or the attitude of the Indians at McAfee customer support) so I switched to ZA.

My computer has been acting in a suspicious manner since I installed ZA Extrteme Security on 10/12/2009.
a. when I initially boot and log into my user account/admin it will automatically reboot.
b. initially I had poor wireless signal strength but connected to my Private Network, (PN) router I received a 1500 to 3000kbps connection (from speed test and Firefox Broadband speed test and diagnostics) now I cannot connect to the Access point, and it is hard to get any connection from the main router. When I do connect it is a SLOW (128-560kbps) connection and constantly was disconnected. My friend brought his laptop to my room, and it would connect to both the AP and the main router at 3000kbps. I purchased a new TrendNet wireless adapter and It can connect to the AP but slow connection, when I let both Wireless networks run, After a few Hours my connection will speed up significantly as they switch connections.
c. I believe I have some sort of worm, as a couple of times I would get the NT shutdown warning, (I was not allowed to make a scereenshot of the window) I ran Virus scan many times finding nothing, I then used TrendNet House stand alone scan and a virus was quarantined and removed (along with my Outlook e-mail and settings). I then ran ZA antivirus, which finally found a couple of viruses, I deleted them before copying the names.
d. I was running out of Hard Disk space, so I purchased a new WD Velociraptor 300 Gb SATA 300 Disk. I could not get the system to recognize it as my system was limited to SATA 150. anyway I found a new SATA 150 70 Gb 10,000 RPM Disc, to do a clean Install on, however now the system will not recognise my DVD Rom, It will see my SATA DVD RW but it is not bootable.
e. I consulted a service professional, we checked all the items he could think of and his diagnosis was Worm/Virus. I can no longer access Trend Nets Home stand alone scanner, and I have written several e-mails to Tech support here at ZA with no reply. Perhaps they are being selectively blocked by a worm
f. I continually receive a New Network prompt from my firewall prompting me to name and allow to Internet Zone or Trusted zone of the network IP The main connection is actually at IP I created a New Network Zone for the network the actual subnet on the network is

What can I do from here?