I have been having trouble for sometime with my laptop. I try and keep my computers up to date with ALL my software. I recently updated my laptop (XP) and desktop (VISTA) to the latest Zonealarm Security Suite (9.1.008 ) and FireFox (3.5.5). Everything worked great with my Vista machine but my XP machine had problems loading my home page when it was launched. I received a this message Sorry this page is temporarily unavailable, with a refresh button. I tried removing both Zonealarm and FireFox and reinstralling each from scratch. Same results each time. I almost gave up but decided to do one last check. I opened Firefox on both machines and went to Tools- Options and compared each entry with the two. All was the same until I checked the Privacy And found the Vista machine with the Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session checked and the XP was not. Changed the XP to start as above. Saved and restarted Firefox and problem solved. I tested the XP machine by checking and unchecking the afore mentioned. Each time problem returned. Funny thing when I unchecked the Vista machine it made no difference. I left both machines checked. If anyone knows if this could cause me problems let me know.