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Thread: New ZA Free and Ventrilo

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    Drowsiness Guest

    Smile New ZA Free and Ventrilo


    Does not allow Ventrilo to contact the server, even though it has all permissions in the Allow list.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: New ZA Free and Ventrilo/ VoIP

    Voice over IP programs

    To use Voice over IP (VoIP) programs with ZoneAlarm security software, you must do one or both of the following, depending on the program:
    1. Give the VoIP application server permission and access permission.
    2. Add the VoIP provider's servers to the Trusted Zone. To learn the IP addresses of these servers, contact your VoIP provider's customer support.
    __________________________________________________ ___________
    Try this : Firewall > Main > Advanced > check the checkbox to 'Allow uncommon protocols at high security.'


    __________________________________________________ _________
    Another work-around - you may experiment with your - Firewall > Main > Internet Zone Security - 'temporarily' lower from 'High' to 'Medium.'
    All green checks across in program control.

    Right click ZA tray icon for "Help" files= User Guide.

    Click here for ZA Technical Support Mon-Fri 7am-5:30pm PST
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    Drowsiness Guest

    Default Re: New ZA Free and Ventrilo

    Yeah, I understand how to use the product. I even stated that it had full permissions all across the board.

    Still no go. And the IP is in the trusted zone, as the ventrilo server runs on a machine that I co-op.

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    vanillabeans320 Guest

    Default Re: New ZA Free and Ventrilo

    open ZA. Go to alerts and logs, then click log viewer. go to alert type firewall. look where it says source and destination IPs. locate the ones that end in 3784, right click each one and click allow into trusted.

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    Default Re: New ZA Free and Ventrilo

    If none of that works report the bug with the VOIP vendor and ask it be escalated so they fix the issue.

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