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Thread: Taskbar ZA "traffic" indicator.

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    Default Taskbar ZA "traffic" indicator.

    While 9.0 was still in beta phase I read on the TODO list that they were aware that the "traffic" indicator wasn't functioning as it should. IT DIDN'T GET FIXED!


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    Default Re: Taskbar ZA "traffic" indicator.

    i would like to see this fixed too!

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    Default Re: Taskbar ZA "traffic" indicator.

    Indicator working as designed.

    Jsut becasue something is posted in the beta section does not mean it gets fixed.

    You must report it through proper chanells for an issue to get fixed in beta.

    New beta out today.

    try it if you have an issue follow the directions on the beta website for submitting issue and but dont post it to the forum and expect thats how the issue will get fixed.
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