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Thread: Sanity Failing: Can't Open Unprotected Browser

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    dcmega Guest

    Question Sanity Failing: Can't Open Unprotected Browser

    This problem has been haunting me, to the point that I broke down and risked getting snarked at by posting here. But I'm desperate, so here it goes...

    This issue is in ZoneAlarm Extreme. I can't click on the "Open Unprotected Browser" option from the menu that appears when you right-click on the ZoneAlarm taskbar icon. This issue just developed in the past few days, and had previously been functioning normally for three weeks or more since I upgraded.

    I've looked for answers or an explanation of the "Open Unprotected Browser" option in the help file and the online help center but can't find any matches. I even searched this help forum several times. I found cases were people couldn't open Private Browser but not Unprotected Browser.

    Why would this functionality suddenly stop working? I thought perhaps it had to do with the "LEARNING MODE" time-period coming to an end. But I clicked to CONTINUE LEARNING MODE so I wouldn't think that would do it.

    Interestingly, That LEARNING MODE pop-up asked if you want to continue for 21 days... But it reappears every 5 minutes! WTF!? (What the fudge)...

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    sdambal Guest

    Default Re: Sanity Failing: Can't Open Unprotected Browser

    I have the latest Zonealarm Extreme Security ( and Firefox 3.5.5 and I am able to click on "Open Unprotected Browser" and a new Firefox opens up. So it could be something on your setup that is causing problems.
    I just wanted to let you know that it does work so you could try different options (uninstall, run CCcleaner, then reinstall etc etc)

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