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Thread: printer ports blocked?

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    ldess Guest

    Default printer ports blocked?

    I was given a list of printer ports and told to have my security program, Zone Alarm, allow them. I typed in the numbers, but when I returned to this spot, those numbers had gone? What's a fellow to do?
    This was the setting for Trusted Zone Security, Custom. I don't know if this is why I cannot get a networked printer to respond to a print request of not. thanks for any help. Email me if convenient. Larry Dessner

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: printer ports blocked?

    It would help if you told us which ZA product you are using and its version number. It would also help if you told us the printer make and model.

    I ask this because we have been able to find information in the past for specific printers and how to open ports in ZA.

    Like this one that Sky Soldiers found several days ago. The port numbers are for a specific HP printer, but maybe it will give you enough information that you will be able to set the Expert Rules and get them to stick.

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    hackmann Guest

    Default Re: printer ports blocked?

    Try to move "Trusted Zone Security" to medium configuration.

    That happened with my IP printer and it solved.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: printer ports blocked?

    Can you ping the printer's IP?
    Can you print if you turn off ZA? If not, try to set it up in Windows first, then deal with ZA settings.

    Set Trusted zone to Medium.
    Permit NetBIOS for the local IPs, the screen is somepace behind the zones settings (I'm not looking at ZA at the moment)
    Maybe even enter the printer's IP into the zones as Trusted, or enter the entire network range, something like for starters, as trusted.
    On the Programs list, give 3 green checks to spoolsvc. NO internet server check.
    Also in Programs list give 3 green checks to the printer-related applications which ZA discovered. No internet server check.
    If none of this works, then I'd be looking into the specific ports.

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    ldess Guest

    Default Re: printer ports blocked?

    I want to thank those who tried to help me get my new printer to print from my old XP computer. I tried all the solutions I could understand, without sucess. My new printer is a HP wireless all in one. It's scan function usually, but not always, does not work. Opening ports was recommended for this problem too, but the scanner continues to have a mind of its own, usually not interested in helping me out. As I can exist happily without fixing these problems, that's my plan, unless I find a samaritan who wants to come over to my house and dig in. My daughter in law's brother will be here for Xmas. I'm sure he can do it. He's a pro, and maybe he will be willing. If I learn anything that might be of help to others, I'll post here.
    Thanks again. Larry Dessner
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