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Thread: ZA Extreme, Forcefield, and IE8 hang

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    spauker Guest

    Default ZA Extreme, Forcefield, and IE8 hang

    Running XP SP3 and IE8. Just upgraded to ZA Extreme (9.1.008). Never used Forcefield before. When I try to run IE8, it hangs forever saying "connecting." Firefox and Chrome seem OK.

    Just discovered that turning off Forcefield eliminates the problem.

    Has any one seen this before? Support sumply said it must be an interaction; use msconfig to turn off all your startup programs.

    I am looking for more specific advice.


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    Default Re: ZA Extreme, Forcefield, and IE8 hang

    you may want to try to reset IE8 and forcefield
    First check that your virtualization is ON (forcefield advanced settings).


    Close all browsers
    Open ZoneAlarm
    Click Browser Security / Settings
    Click Advanced tab
    Clear virtual data and click okay
    Now turn Browser Security off and follow these steps here

    Click Start / Control Panel / Internet Options
    Click Delete / Delete Temporary Internet Files
    Security (Tab) / Default Level
    Advanced (Tab) / Restore advanced settings

    **Double check that "time attack protection" in ZA program control section (custom button) is UNchecked.

    if the above fails, I would recommend you try what suggested by support and keep following up with them in case it does not work.

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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: ZA Extreme, Forcefield, and IE8 hang

    spauker, Also Clear virtual data very often.

    Click Why do this? next to Clear virtual data button.

    Learn the benefits of using ForceField.

    Browser Security Help Center at this link :

    Have a nice Day
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