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Thread: Extremely slow boot up times with 91008

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    Default Extremely slow boot up times with 91008

    Zone Alarm Pro without the toolbar

    I have a wired and wireless network here with a bunch of devices on the network. All devices have an assigned IP based on the Router's Ip range.

    Zoom DSL modem/router, 5-desktop PC's, 1 - wireless notebook PC, CNC machine, wireless access point, Wireless Music bridge, etc. Win XP sp3 on all the PC's except the notebook which is Vista home

    I also have a Mapped hard drive that all devices get data from. It's a 500gb Buffalo network hard drive that also has a 500gb USB hard drive connected to it as a backup device.

    The 500Gb Network mapped drive has all the data files for the computers on the network and the My Documents folder that is shared with everyone on the network. It also has my quickbooks company files, Roboform login data, etc, so all the computers need access to this Network drive.

    As soon as I upgraded ZA to 91008, I noticed that it took forever to boot up my business PC. The cause seemed to be the Network hard drive not being accessed. The ZA tray icon took forever to appear after the desktop came up. Quickbooks took forever to load because it could not get the company file from the Network hard drive. Windows could not get the My Documents folder from the Network hard drive.

    After everything finally appeared to be ready to go, my Network hard drive still did not show up in the network until I browsed it in Windows explorer.

    ZA showed the Mapped hard drive and the correct IP address in the Firewall zones. My local network IP range and DNS server/router also showed up properly in the ZA firewall zone.

    I uninstalled ZA 91008 and installed 90114 and everything works properly again. The PC's now all boot up quickly again and the network hard drive is available as soon as the desktop is up.

    Just throwing out info in case anyone else has experience the same thing with 91008.
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