I am using ZA Pro 9.1.008 with Vista SP2 on a new PC, but have had this issue in XP for years--I just avoided it. Can't seem to find a solution, so I thought I'd try the forum before giving up again.

Windows Defender is set to update every night, but it changes the name of the installation file a little (e.g., msam-d.exe one night, msas-d1.exe the next). As a result ZA doesn't seem to recognize that I have already given permission for the updates to go ahead because it believes (correctly) it is a new application trying to run.

Are there any settings within ZA Pro I can set to get around this problem without significantly impacting my level of security? [I am comfortable with changing basic settings, but would need careful guidance on modifying advanced settings.] If not, I'll go back to my XP solution and run Defender manually once in awhile, and run another app in the background.

Thanks for your help.