Ok, I just bought Zone Alarm Pro, the about page says it's V9.1.008.000. I have Win7 Pro and I'm running a gaming machine and a laptop through a Linksys WRT160N router. I haven't installed ZA on the laptop yet and when I type in the routers page address it pops up clear as day, no problem.
On my gaming rig it's another story, I've turned off both ZA and Win7 firewall and even clicked on page compatability but when I type in the router address the page comes up all corrupted and barely readable. I have also run PC tune-up on my machine so I'm wondering if the active-x files that it blocks could have something to do with the problem.

Just so you know, I have typed in a search on all forums for router problems and I have gone in and made all the custom settings and other advice for enabling the router through ZA.
Please help, I prefer ZA to windows firewall and would also like to put it on my wifes laptop but not until I'm sure I can access the router.