My version of ZAES is:
ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version:
TrueVector version:
Driver version:
Anti-virus engine version:
Anti-virus signature DAT file version:998794496
AntiSpam version:
ZoneAlarm ForceField
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner
ZoneAlarm ForceField Anti-Phishing Database
ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Sites Database 04.020

My OS is: Windows Pro 7

Keep receiving virus warning for Rarepacker.Multi.Genric in DVD Shrink (both exe and zip)

Followed instructions about antivirus false positives. Uploded file to obtain conformation it was viris free. Send email to nw virus @ Kaspesky. Received confirmation that it was indeed a false positive and was advised to place it in the exception list, which I did.

I have added the supposed virus 'RarePacvker.Multi.Generic' and each file (exe & zip).

Yet every time the scan runs I keep getting a virus alert which I then have to clear.

Have I missed something? Do I need to add something else?

This is annoying.