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Thread: ZA Free 9.1 zlclient idle CPU usage

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    Default ZA Free 9.1 zlclient idle CPU usage


    I have read about this problem concerning ZAPro but not (yet) ZA Free.
    The two solutions for ZAP I have seen do not seem to apply to ZAF.
    I have 3 XP laptops - 2 with XPPro. On the 2 XPP laptops,
    zlclient CPU usage is 30% to 40% when the laptops are idle.
    I don't know if the XPP connection is a coincidence or not.

    In any case I would like to ask/know if there is or will be a fix
    for this problem with ZAF? I have reinstalled 8.0.298 for the time being.
    ZAF did not notify me of the ZAF 9.1 update either.

    Any helpful replies/insights appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: ZA Free 9.1 zlclient idle CPU usage

    When will the Next Zone Alarm be made Available?
    ZoneAlarm has traditionally NEVER given release dates for there products.

    So we cannot give you a specific date.

    Just set you software to automatically update and when ZA is ready to update your copy you will get an automated notification.

    We slowly update the user base so you may not get an update right away even though some other users have.

    Just be patient and you will get your update when we turn it on for your product and version your running.

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