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Thread: Very Slow ZoneAlarm Security Suite AV/AS Updating

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    mykelturn Guest

    Angry Very Slow ZoneAlarm Security Suite AV/AS Updating

    I do all my updates for ZASS manually. So I am wanting to know why is it taking so long from start to finish to check, download and install the update(s)?

    It is taking, on minimum average 5 minutes to check for and complete the update procedure.

    I have no problems with any other application taking a long time to perform the updating process or any other process(es) as well.

    When I start the update process - clicking on "CHECK FOR UPDATES" - it is taking on average one(1) minute to transition to "UPDATE PROGRESS".

    Once the UPDATE PROGRESS begins the downloading progress gets to about 97 percent and then appears to stop. This process is taking about 3 minutes to get to the 97 percent mark.

    After about one(1) or so the process continues, completing the download and installing the update and then, checking for any system update(s).

    Again, this whole process is taking a minimum of 5 minutes.

    I am also wondering if anyone else is experiencing this same problem. Thanks.

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Very Slow ZoneAlarm Security Suite AV/AS Updating

    There is a beta release of ZAES that appears to address this:

    Fixed issues between and

    * The second AV scan is now a quick scan
    * AV update reliability including server failover has been added
    * Subsequent AV updates will complete much faster if you are already up to date
    * Added a feature to the diagnostic utility to help diagnose high CPU issues
    * Changes to Advanced Download Protection have been made to improve reliability
    * The ability to disable Advanced Download Protection from the Browser Security Toolbar has been added
    * Support for the Security Toolbar and FireFox 3.5.5
    * Various stability and reliability improvements
    I would hope that if successful, there would be a similar release of ZASS, which is the product you and I use.

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    mykelturn Guest

    Thumbs down Re: Very Slow ZoneAlarm Security Suite AV/AS Updating

    Appreciate the response there "garywa". However, "ZAES" is not for me; especially the problems of using "ForceField"! I use ZASS (Security Suite not Extreme). I am using v9.1.008.000. I got a response from "Un-Tech Support" with an extremely unacceptable response ... stating to the effect that the long time in processing from start to finish is "normal". Sorry ... but I don't accept that!. It should never take more that 1-3 minutes (with all variables considered). My update checking is taking a minimum of 5 minutes to complete while all my other apps and such are normally less than a minute. I get the feeling that ZA just does not care about us "end users" to the degree that they should. And then, they want to know why they are losing customers! ZA will probably never take responsibility .. it's always the "users fault". Oh well ... enough complaining. I just want to get an good, sensible answer why it takes so long to update my copy of ZASS (ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite).

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm Security Suite/ Internet Download Manager

    I had to check your past history and it seems you have 'Internet Download Manager' software - I'm guessing with new ZA 9.1 this issue started.The ZA 9.0 series now have AdvancedDownloadProtection - download manager; conflict of 2 download managers (?).

    Click here > <> you can try his solution.

    Other thoughts: if 'Internet Download Manager' software has an off/ disable button - then try with it off and manually av update and see if this is a "better work-around"/ cause of issue.
    - or you can 'temporarily' un-install 'Internet Download Manager' software
    - or you can un-install the ZA Security Toolbar/ download manager > see/ click here > <> #2
    - or you can try a ZA 'database reset' - hold keys 'shift' and 'control' and right click your ZA tray icon > see 'reset'
    __________________________________________________ ______
    Questions - using Firefox or IE7/8 as main browser? during av updates. You have high speed not dial-up.

    From what I've read about your software IDM - it also accelerates downloads/ has an accelertor; from what I've heard a number of times - some security software's definition updates can be corrupted by/ adversely affected by accelerators.

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    mykelturn Guest

    Exclamation Re: Very Slow ZoneAlarm Security Suite AV/AS Updating

    Way off the mark! Yes, I do have IDM installed but it is involved with, or used, when I check for updates for ZASS. I manually check for updates via the ZASS application. I do not allow ZASS to do automatic updating. I do not download any updates from ZoneAlarm or any place else and manually install them. If this were the case, then yes ... IDM would then be involved. I use the CHECK FOR UPDATES available in the ZASS application. It is only the ZASS application connecting with the ZA update server(s) via my Internet connection (cable) to check for, download and install any updates available. And, though not relevant, I use IE7 for now which by the way is not started when I start the update procedure. I do not have, or use, this ZA Toolbar. IDM is not involved. And, for whatever it's worth (and not relevant) I am in the process to migrating over to Linux Ubuntu and will mostly likely remove any and all "stuff" dealing with MS Windows OS.

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    Default Re: Very Slow ZoneAlarm Security Suite AV/AS Updating

    " I am in the process to migrating over to Linux Ubuntu and will mostly likely remove any and all "stuff" dealing with MS Windows OS. "

    Good Luck with your Change in OS, unfortunately ZoneAlarm does not support Linux or Ubuntu..

    Have a nice weekend..
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