Hi, my computer recently contracted the msn virus. I have a feeling this virus is quite new.

Known files that are infected
wmiprvse.exe (not sure, but killed this program in zonealarm)
wmisrwt.exe (main cause, keeps getting blocked off as a malicious program)(also hides itself as "Project1.exe")

I have already blocked the above programs, but when i try to go on msn, the program auto sends messages.

The second i knew i was infected, i changed my hotmail account's password and never accessed it.

Whenever i try to go to any antivirus website it redirects me back to google.

I've already downloaded malwarebyte with the help of another person and it is currently scanning my computer now.

Please advice on anything i need to do while waiting for the scan to finish? I will post out the results of the scan when its done. Thanks a lot guys.