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Thread: Trojan sfkn.exe caught but system damaged

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    Angry Trojan sfkn.exe caught but system damaged

    ZA caught the sfkn.exe trojan when it tried to access my system and quarantined it on each of 6 drives and two USB memory sticks. However, all of the sudden now I can not access any drive through "My computer". Whenever I click on a drive I get a the "Open With" dialogue box that list all my applications. Of course, none of them will open a drive and display its contents, not even Explorer.

    So what is going on? (I am assuming that sfkn.exe is the cause of my inabillity to access my drives).

    It appears that ZA didn't catch sfkn.exe soon enough before it interfered with accessing my drives !!!

    What surprises me is that sfkn.exe wasn't caught before it had already installed itself on all my drives. This seems like a major failure of ZA.

    PS.... I can access my drives through an application like Word, Photoshop, etc, but not directly through My Computer. My documents and My Desktop work OK too.

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    Default Re: Trojan sfkn.exe caught but system damaged


    please follow the standard procedure to clean malware, here:

    You may need to post your hijackthis log to specialized web sites like bleepingcomputer, the links are listed in the above mentioned thread.


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